Frequently Asked Questions

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is an engagement focused on introspective and reflective exercises that lead a client(s) towards establishing goals and creating a plan for fulfillment of those goals that affect their professional development. Professional development can include enhancement of leadership skills, work on career transitions, or awareness of factors in emotional intelligence.

How is coaching different from therapy?

“Therapy” refers to healing, or fixing something that may be wrong. In “coaching,” the focus is on enhanced development of all the great skills and strengths that already exist – identification and empowerment. In therapy, the attention is on the past and how the past influences behavior but in coaching, the attention is on the present and vision for the future.

How much does executive coaching cost?

The cost of executive coaching depends on the type of coaching – individual, group, or team coaching. It also depends on the goals for coaching as well as the duration of time of the coaching engagement. Various options and fee structures are discussed in the initial consultation session.

Is there evidence that executive coaching works?

Absolutely. Many Fortune 500 companies routinely enlist in executive coaches as do many sectors including healthcare, technology, financial, manufacturing, energy, and government. Several research entities point to the effectiveness of coaching including studies conducted through Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Gallup.

What are the key factors for a successful coaching engagement?

Harvard Business Review notes that the “ingredients” for a successful coaching relationship include:

  • The executive’s engagement in the process
  • Good chemistry between the coach and client(s)
  • Organizational culture and support for the coaching process

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