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The Best In Individual Strengths Executive Coaching Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

As you stand alone fighting for your dream job in the healthcare sector, the insecurities and despair of imposter syndrome can prevail. Take the first step by meeting with our executive coach, who will provide you with a measured outcome on your strengths that leads you to career achievements like never before.

Healthcare executives happy and thriving at work.

What are some strategies for turning imposter thoughts into opportunities?

Embrace uncertainty

The unknown will always stare you in the face. Get the tools to kick the fear and despair out for good.

No one knows everything

Own the person you are and the knowledge you have gained. Learn to respect yourself again.

Believe in yourself

Only you have the POWER to believe in yourself. No one has the right to that power.

Keep a “Success” inventory

When was the last time you journaled your successes? Understand and register your successes with our coaching method.

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Meet Aashi Arora

My purpose is to empower professionals in healthcare leadership and executive roles to achieve their professional goals through performance enhancement and career progression. Through a strengths-based approach, I improve my client’s quality of life by finding meaning and purpose in their careers.

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Aashi Arora is a leading healthcare executive coach, specializing in imposter syndrome.

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imposter syndrome faq’s

How would you describe Imposter Syndrome?

A phenomenon where an individual has a series of recurrent feelings and behaviors associated with the belief that they are not the qualified, accomplished, competent individual that others state them to be.

How do you know if we are experiencing imposter syndrome?

Associating with recurrent feelings of any of these may be an indication – self-doubt, worthlessness, inadequacy, fear of being exposed as a “fraud,” self-sabotage.

Is imposter syndrome more common in women?

Many research studies show that it is more prevalent in women, however, some studies report as high as 25% men also experience it.

Do you think social media had an impact on imposter syndrome?

Definitely – when high achieving individuals are setting their own bar of success against what they are actively seeing in social media, it can trigger imposter syndrome-like feelings.

How do you manage imposter syndrome?

First through recognizing it, and then applying strengths-related strategies to combat its negative effects. Strengths coaching provides foundational tools and tricks against the Imposter Monster!

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What has been most valuable to me with working with Aashi is her use of many tools and techniques to help address my question of how to be the best leader that I can be.  Gaining her perspective and guidance has positively affected my practice, and I already see the improved collaboration with my staff.  She is very clear when she speaks, easy to understand, and directs me to resources that are very helpful.  I like her exploratory approach via thought-provoking questions.  I will continue to use her as my sounding board.

Aashi helped us coach through behavioral issues with a physician when others had been unsuccessful.  Remedial coaching can work when conducted by a trusting partner, and that is Aashi’s greatest asset.  She is able to establish a strong connection with people and through that, able to create a safe and non-judgmental environment through her meetings.  We witnessed small behavior changes with our physician that led to others trusting their work with him more.  We are so grateful for the impact she made over several months and are looking forward to seeing that grow even further.

Fresh out of training I was given the opportunity to assist in and eventually take over the directorship of my former program. Aashi was the CAO of my department at the time and was invaluable to me as a mentor as I progressed in my role in administration. Her door was always open to me, and I walked through it often. Her forward thinking and ability to plan a project through and anticipate hurdles ahead of time was invaluable. But most importantly Aashi wants to see people succeed, and she has the skill set to help them do exactly that.

, March 2019

My coaching sessions with Aashi started when I was navigating my way into a leadership role. I have never had colleagues reporting to me before so I knew that I needed some guidance with this new responsibility, especially from someone who’s had great success as an Administrator in the same industry as I am. Aashi’s coaching has significantly helped me discover untapped skills and at the same time, enhance those qualities that I already have. I learned that there isn’t just a single approach to management and that we create our style based on our own personality, values, and strengths. With over 6 months of coaching, I am truly grateful to Aashi for all her advice, tools, support, and for pushing me to embrace my role as a leader and have confidence in my abilities.”

Medical Director
, January 2020

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